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Clifford Bennett

Born Clifford Bennett on 4 June 1940 in Slough, Cliff Bennett was a vocalist who formed the band Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers in 1957. Other members of the band were from the Middlesex or London areas and included: Mick Burt (drums); Nicky Hopkins (piano); Chas Hodges (keyboards and bass) and Dave Peacock (lead guitar).

The 1965 album Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers on the Parlophone label PMC 1242


From 1957 the band recorded a number of singles on the Parlophone. In 1964 Brian Epstein became the band’s manager and their seventh single, One Way Love, made the charts. This was followed by two more singles, I'll Take You Home and Three Rooms with Running Water which also made the charts but no big breakthrough yet.


Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers enjoyed their first Top Ten chart success with One Way Love which reached No 9 in the UK in 1964. The first button below will show a stage  performance of One Way Love, the second is a recording from the studio and has better acoustic qualities.

In early 1966, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers were the support act for The Beatles on their European tour. Part of The Beatles set was the Paul McCartney song Got to get you into my Life from the Revolver album. It wasn’t released as a single by The Beatles. Bennett recorded his own version with McCartney as producer for the session. It reached No 6 in the UK singles charts. Click on the button below to view a recorded live performance of the song.

Bennett joined the band Toe Fat. He released the solo album Rebellion in 1971 and in 1975-76 he joined the band Shanghai as lead vocalist. Later he considered joining other bands but in the late 1970s he retired from the music industry and began a successful career in shipping.


In 1975 Chas Hodges (keyboards), Dave Peacock (bass) and Mick Burt (drums) became Chas and Dave. In 1988, Mark Lundquist reformed The Rebel Rousers and toured as manager and band leader of the band until 1996.

Discography – Singles

As Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers

1961 You’ve got what I like / I’m in love with you

1961 That's What I Said / When I Get Paid

1962 Poor Joe / Hurtin’ Inside

1963 Everybody loves a lover / My old standby

1963 You really got a hold on me / Alright

1964 Got My Mojo Working / Beautiful Dreamer

1964 One Way Love / Slow Down

1965 I’ll Take You Home / Do You Love Him?

1965 Three Rooms with Running Water / If Only You’d Reply

1965 I Have Cried My Last Tear / As Long As She Looks Like You

1966 You Can't Love ’em All / Need Your Loving Tonight

1966 Eyes for you / Hold on I'm coming

1966 Got To Get You into My Life / Baby Each Day

1966 Never Knew Lovin' Could Be So Doggone Good / Don't Help Me Out

1967 I'll Take Good Care of You / I'm Sorry

1967 I'll Be There / Use Me


Discography – EPs

1965 Try It Baby – I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby / Shoes / Try It Baby / Do It Right

1966 We're Gonna Make It – My Sweet Woman / Whole Lotta Woman / We're Gonna Make It / Waiting at the Station

The 1966 album Drivin’ You Wild on the Music For Pleasure label MFP 1121

Discography – LPs

As Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers


1965 Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers

        Parlophone PMC 1242

        I Can't Stand It / Sweet and Lovely / Make Yourself at Home / You've Really Got a Hold on Me / Ain't That Lovin’ You / Sha La La / One Way Love / Steal Your Heart Away / It’s Alright / Beautiful Dreamer / Mercy, Mercy / Talking About My Baby / The Pick-Up


1966 Drivin' You Wild

        Music For Pleasure MFP 1121

        Three Rooms With Running Water / Baby, Baby, Baby / You Made Me Happy / Sweet Sorrow / I Have Cried My Last Tear / Another Saturday Night / Drivin’ Me Wild / That's Why I Love You So / Who Cheatin' Now? / I’ll Be Doggone / Strange Feeling / I'll Take You Home


1967 Got To Get You into Our Life

        Parlophone PMC 7017

        It's A Wonder / Ain’t Love Good, Ain't Love Proud / 6345-789 / Roadrunner / Baby Each Day / Got to Get You into My Life / Barefootin’ / See-Saw / I’m not Tired / Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.) / You Don't Know Like I Know / C.C. Rider


As Cliff Bennett & His Band


1968 Cliff Bennett Branches Out

        Parlophone PMC 7054

        You're Breaking Me Up / Lonely Weekends / Ease Me / When Something is Wrong With My Baby / Taking Care of a Woman is a Full Time Job / I Don't Need Anybody / Close The Door / Good Times / Said I Weren't Gonna Tell Nobody / You're the One For Me / Take Your Time / I Take What I Want

The 1968 album Cliff Bennet Branches Out on the Parlophone label PMC 7054

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