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The Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Toward the end of the summer of 2015, I became a member of the Museum of Berkshire Aviation in Woodley. I work there as a volunteer guide. Other volunteers at the museum restore and maintain the exhibits and others look after reception or maintain the grounds. I work almost exclusively as a guide but I do help out when extra manpower is needed, perhaps to move things like scaffolding or exhibits.

Me trying to get the perfect shot


A typical day for me at the museum would start in the reception area ready to welcome guests and perhaps give them a brief introduction to the purpose of the museum. I may also give a further brief introduction to some of the major exhibits.


In certain circumstances, I may give a personal tour especially to groups. Other colleagues of mine will also make themselves available in this role. Everyone who works at the museum is a volunteer. Look out for other photos of the volunteers sprinkled throughout this page and the Gardens page. Without their dedication the museum wouldn’t exist.

Tony working on an inventory of museum assests


All the restoration work on the exhibits is carried out by the volunteers, some of whom have career histories in the aviation industry. Some are from completely different occupations.  The work they do is varied and many have learned new skills that they didn’t previously have. They all share an enthusiasm for their work at the museum. They are friendly and happy to share their knowledge of the exhibits with visitors. To see some examples of their work click on the button below:

David replacing a book in the museum’s private library (not open to the public)


Being within the Dinton Pastures Nature Reserve the grounds of the museum has some interesting natural plant species. The gardens are covered on another page. Click on the button below:


Apart from the exhibits and the many displays and models of aircraft, the museum provides a gift shop, refreshments, toilets and facilities for the disabled.

Café area in reception


The museum is within Dinton Pastures Nature Reserve and sited just outside of what was the perimeter of Woodley airfield.


The Museum of Berkshire Aviation is located in Mohawk Way, Woodley, Reading RG5 4UE.

Latitude: 51°27’01”N

Longitude 0°52’58”W

OS coordinates: SU777729

Information contained in these pages is correct as of end 2016

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