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Welcome to this independent website about Slough

It’s a little-known fact that outside of London, Slough is consistently the most successful town in the country.


It’s true. Slough is successful in terms of business, employment and education and is becoming one of the most attractive places in the UK to live and work.


Slough is where the Hawker Hurricane was built along with other major World War Two Hawker aircraft. The Ford GT40 four times Le Mans winner was built here, one of five major motor racing teams producing world championship cars such as the Porsche 917K and the McLaren M23. Mars confectionery originated in Slough as did the Horlicks malt drink, and the original TV series Thunderbirds was produced on the Trading Estate.


Those achievements may be in the past, but Slough is continually developing and major international companies have headquarters in Slough. The trading estate’s owners SEGRO, an acronym of Slough Estates Group, has itself become a major international company owning commercial property across the world.


Slough is also successful in other ways and this website contains over 85,000 words supported by over 300 postcard photos and over 200 other images intended to promote the positive aspects of the town of Slough.

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