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Who is Gary Flint?

I am…


Some time ago a friend of mine asked me ‘why do you live in Slough? You’re so intelligent, you could live anywhere in the world. Why do you live in Slough?’


The question intrigued me as I had never thought about it before, and it provoked me to go out with my camera and notebook to see if I could find an answer. This was my first challenge.


The website was the result of a different conversation this time with my brother, also a keen photographer, who said ‘is it possible to send a postcard from Slough?’


I replied ‘of course not, it’s not a tourist town.’ After a little thought I continued ‘Perhaps the question is could you take postcard photos of Slough?’


I combined the two challenges and the concept of the website was born.

Postcards from Slough


Postcards from Slough went live in early February 2014 with just 12 pages. Its initial purpose was to showcase my abilities as a photographer, illustrator and writer. Also it set a challenge to provide a local interest website revealing positive aspects of Slough. As I continued my research I realised that there is a very real story to be told about the town and that certain pages and articles would prove interesting to people beyond the town. Postcards from Slough is now getting positive feedback from around the country and overseas and I am often offered leads from these readers on new items.


I tried to build the website on certain principals. The photographs were to be original, preferably by me and in the style of postcards. As the website grew I found I had to compromise and where I couldn’t provide photographs of aircraft or cars etc, I would create illustrations rather than have pages of just text. A further compromise came when I decided that some photographs from the internet would enhance the text. There follows some statistics on the size of the different elements of the website as of November 2017.


The majority of the photographs are by me. Those from other sources are credited to the photographer or proprietor. Some of the photographs such as some within the Sir William Herschel page have had special effects applied for artistic purposes. For the photography, I had to make many field trips not only around Slough but also to museums and other places away from the town by car, bike or on foot.


By November 2017 the website had 392 original photographs taken by myself and 34 imported images from other sources.


The side elevations of aircraft, vehicles, building plans and maps were created by me using Microsoft Word. They are impressions of the subjects and not to be taken as technical drawings. The artistic impression of the planet Uranus was also created by me.


By November 2017 the website had 221 original images created by myself and 40 imported images from various sources.


Writing and research

The written content is a result of extensive research using the internet, field trips to museums and libraries as well as my own personal library.


As much effort as possible is put into ensuring that the facts, figures and other information are accurate and correct and my general rule is to verify everything from at least three separate sources. Any discrepancies are further investigated before publication.


By November 2017 the website had over 100,000 words and structured into 109 pages.

The author

I was born in a cottage hospital in Farnham Royal and I’ve lived in Slough my whole life. I also learnt to drive in Slough and here is my first car. Check out those stylish white-walled tyres and the fashionable bobble hat.


I was high school educated in Slough and served an electrical mechanical apprenticeship with an electricity company. I eventually progressed to working in quality assurance for a number of engineering companies.

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