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My name is Gary Flint

The majority of the photography in this website is by myself. Photographs from other sources are credited to either the photographer or the proprietor of the image. Some of the photographs such as some within the Sir William Herschel page have had special effects applied for artistic purposes.


The side elevations of aircraft, vehicles, building plans and maps were created by me using Microsoft Word. They are impressions of the subjects and not to be taken as technical drawings. The artistic impression of the planet Uranus was also created by me and again is intended as an artistic impression rather than an accurate representation. Photographs of the planet reveal it to appear as featureless as a billiard ball and I regarded such images as being er... unrealistic!


The facts, figures and other information are the result of countless field trips including visits to museums, libraries and websites undertaken by myself and have been verified from various sources.

My name is Gary Flint. To make comments on the contents of this website please click below:

Postcards from Slough is an independently funded website. We are open to offers of sponsorship  from major companies that have any connections to the town. Please use the Comments button above to contact us.

For your information and entertainment, the site contains links to a number of YouTube videos. Whilst these links will be checked periodically, Postcards from Slough cannot accept responsibility for difficulties experienced in the use of these links.

Postcards from Slough gratefully uses images from Grace's Guide.



Postcards from Slough contributes material to British Listed Buildings and uses the site for cross referencing purposes.

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